Shipyard Brother Pendant

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Due to the Handcrafted nature of our lighting, please allow a 4 week Lead time.
Shipyard Brother Pendant

The Shipyard Range use reclaimed pulleys, either timber or steel (this one is steel) which are cleaned up so as to allow their history to show through. Matched with vintage twisted cable and using authentic Hemingray 42 glass telegraph insulators from the 1920's as lampshades. 

These are each a piece of hanging history...


A little information on the Hemingray Insulators

The Hemingray Glass Company was an American glass manufacturing company. The company was founded by Robert Hemingray and Ralph Gray in 1848. In its early years the company went through numerous and frequent name changes, including Gray & Hemingray; Gray, Hemingray & Bros.; Gray, Hemingray & Brother; Hemingray Bros. & Company and R. Hemingray & Company before incorporating into the Hemingray Glass Company, Inc in 1870.[1] The Hemingray company had factories in Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky with main production in Muncie, Indiana. Though Hemingray was best known for its telegraph insulators, the company produced many other glass items including bottlesfruit jars, pressed glass dishestumblersbattery jars, fishbowlslantern globes, and oil lamps.[1] In 1933, the company was sold to the Owens-Illinois Glass Company but production remained in Muncie under the Hemingray name.


Please note:                                                                                                
Globes are not supplied.

As each light is handcrafted, please allow between 4 weeks for delivery. If you have an urgent project, please contact us first via email or phone to discuss your requirements.

Product Information

  • Material Used: Steel Pulley & Glass Insulator
  • Dimensions: Diameter 250mm x Height 500mm
  • Weight: 2Kg
  • Lampholder: E14 SES